Sunday, 18 July 2021

Hot, hot, hot

I think most of us are. I'm not complaining though as we have had weeks of grey overcast weather.

I've had Wi-Fi problems, computer problems and a few other things too, the problems won't be resolved but hopefully I can come to terms with them.

Kate, yes I know about the problems getting car parts, if you they just said that I would understand. I'm annoyed at the constant changes and lies.

Beano has had a few short walks along the tow path as it's shady. 

Despite the heat Steve still wanted a full cooked breakfast and a roast dinner, beef today, I bought it from the butchers near where we are  moored. I shall buy another piece to put in the freezer.

Our old friend Micky the Bodger turned up this morning and is moored behind us. We've also been keeping an eye on another boater who is having difficulty walking in a straight line. Nice chap but permanently pissed.


Chris said...

It is trying to cook a big meal on hot days- tell me about it! I had a salad for lunch but will cook pork chops for dinner in a bit, with the fan blowing!

Rambler said...

The feller who can't walk in a straight line - rather hazardous when living on the water, surely?

Hard up Hester said...

Yes Rambler, that's why we are all keeping an eye on him.

Chris, we can't run a fan we don't have enough solar as we are moored in a shady spot.

Anonymous said...

We had a neighbour who used to walk home late at night in the road. He would walk in large arcs from one side of the road to the other, always turning when he reached the gutter.
He eventually moved, I hope his new road was as quiet as ours.

Moved again

We had no wifi at our last mooring spot so I couldn't post. It was a lovely spot and we were near people we know so Beano had a catch-up...