Saturday, 3 July 2021

Calmer today

Steve has spent most of today in bed.

He has had MRI scans in the past.

He sees the Dr only about his gout.

There is no follow up with regards to his stroke, his consultant's advice was for him to go away and live the best he can with what he's got.

Obviously there is no help or backup available.


busybusybeejay said...

That is so sad.

kate steeper said...

We get days like this , when he just takes his heavy duty pills and sleeps the bad times away . You just keep plodding on as theirs bugger all help out there . We have a fun packed day at the hospital this week hes got a minor surgery first thing then last thing he has to be bloody miles away for a scan . He will be tired nasty and antisocial by then , im so glad that i can only pop him into a wheelchair at the porters office then abandon him

Ellen D. said...

You know what you are doing and Steve is lucky to have you. I wish you and Steve more calm and happy days.

Anonymous said...

I had a stroke 3 years ago I had a little help fir about 6months and then they coukd for no more it will take time and I know that in the last 2 1/2years I have improved my speech it a lot better but my reading, concentration is not good but fortunately i can look after my self with basic foods and I have a wonderful daughter who gets more shopping. I do hope Steve is getting better each day.
Hazel ����

Theresa Y said...

Im glad Steve is calmer today. Hope he gets better soon. Sounds to me like TIA's to. Maybe the doctor should know. They may be able to adjust his meds to prevent the occurence of a bigger stroke, if that's whats going on. Take care of yourself.

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