Saturday, 31 July 2021

Great Bedwyn to Crofton.

Heather we are heading to Devizes, very slowly, the trip can be done in 3 or 4 days, we are taking weeks.

Flis, not everyone who lives in a boat lives clutter free, some boats make my teeth itch as they are full of bric -a-brac, trinkets and whimsy. A sudden move would cause a tsunami of broken memories.

Some boats are owned by hoarders and the only way they can get into their boat when they moor is by emptying piles of rubbish into the towpath. Some leave their rubbish behind and some return all the rubbish to their boat before setting off again.

Our boat is quite bare apart from my yarn and Steve's piles, he keeps all sorts of crap in small piles beside the places he sits, he has cleaning cloths for his glasses, three or four masks, the disposable ones, mainly with broken elastic, rags in case he spills something, antihistamine cream, sun cream, pots to keep his hearing aids in, a torch, a fan, a charger for his kindle and three phones. His current phone and two old defunct ones, they move from pile to pile as he changes seats.

Janf, our friends are on their own boat, this is why every lock has to be done twice, once for each boat. You wouldn't be impressed with my cooking today I'm doing ham, egg and chips a very lazy meal. 

There is a shop in Great Bedwyn, unfortunately they didn't have the bread Steve likes so he's stuck with baguettes and wraps. He only likes soft white bread, nothing with any bite or flavour, it will be a few days before we reach another shop. 


Heather said...

My Mum and generations of her family came from Pewsey, so I have been to Pewsey Wharf many times. Enjoy your travels towards Devizes.

Sansthing said...

"A sudden move would cause a tsunami of broken memories" - that is pure poetry!

JanF said...

What a beautiful photo! You certainly enjoy some lovely places as you travel.
It is perfect to have friends in their own boat going the same way, that way you can have good company or privacy as you choose.
I think you do remarkably well cooking on board, you have impressed me many times!

CarolJoy said...

I have a question please…how do you pronounce Devizes? We have a street one over from us with that name and everyone here pronounces it differently because it’s not a word we know in Arkansas, USA.
Thank you and I enjoy your blog. I get a laugh some days from your candor and that’s a nice thing in my old age.

flis said...

I would be one of those hoarders I'm sorry to say and like your beloved piles appear around me which I hate-mine has got worse since lockdown x

Moved again

We had no wifi at our last mooring spot so I couldn't post. It was a lovely spot and we were near people we know so Beano had a catch-up...