Friday, 30 July 2021

Wind and rain

 I had a list of jobs to do today as today is a rest day when we stay put and don't cruise.

Yesterday I cleaned all the windows bar one, I need to clear the kitchen surface before I can do the last window. I shall clean that last window after I've posted this.

I sweep and mop most days as the boat gets dirty as we walk through with muddy boots. When we moor up I need to pass the front and back roles to whoever is on the bank. I don't take my boots off as I will be going out to hold the ropes once I've passed them out.

Today I cleaned the bathroom, I hate this job as the bathroom is very dark with dark wood and a tiny port hole. There are two large mirrors that always need cleaning, I swear Steve must wave his toothbrush around when he cleans his teeth.

I had intended to clean the back seating area on the boat but we've had strong wind and heavy rain so I gave that a miss. 

Instead I decided to sort out my clothes, I don't have many clothes, they fit on two small shelves in my wardrobe. I made a pile of the items that are really fit for rags, the teeshirts I put under the sink to use as cleaning cloths. The rest I'll put in the rubbish bin tomorrow. I hope to find some good charity shops soon as I'm now down to two teeshirts, two cotton tops, one pair of leggings and two summer dresses.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Being so short of space must sometimes be frustrating.

flis said...

I admire you for living a clutter free life-I am overwhelmed by stuff x

JanF said...

I hope you find some good and useful clothes in the Charity shops. I give you much credit for managing with so few and I think anyone who lives on a boat becomes a good organizer. Impossible to be a hoarder! From what you say, you make really excellent meals in a tiny space. Are the friends you are traveling with in their own craft or together with you? It was not clear.

Moved again

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