Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Give me strength!

 I've always had problems with the pharmacy I collect Steve's prescriptions from.

Most visits take about 20 minutes because they can never find the prescription I'm trying to collect.

They couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.

Every time they tell me there is no trace of the prescription until I show them the email confirming it. 

It's always my fault that they can't find it, I've always been too early or too late. There must be a three minute window when the prescription would be ready to collect, I miss this window and after that the prescription disappears into some sort of black hole.

Today, they excelled themselves, not only did they claim there was no trace of the prescription but when they did eventually track it down they weren't happy with the address on the prescription and wanted chapter and verse about why the address had been changed! Why now? It was changed months ago, are people not allowed to move now without permission from their pharmacy?

Then just to be  really helpful when I asked for my prescription which is issued three monthly on something called Fast Track, I was informed that they don't do that any more! Common courtesy would suggest that informing me of this before I had run out of tablets would have been a good idea!

So do I have to contact my surgery for more tablets? Their only answer was a shrug. Can I get through to my surgery? Of course not!


Jo said...

I constantly have problems getting prescriptions too so you have my sympathy. My pharmacy blame the surgery and the surgery blame the pharmacy. It usually takes a minimum of two visits to the pharmacy and usually three to get a prescription. And there is no possibility of me getting through to the surgery on the phone. It drives me to distraction...

crafty cat corner said...

Me too with our Pharmacy. I think we are all getting to the end of our tether with most things at the moment. I intend to have a nice day each morning I get up but there always seems to be something to upset the apple cart.
Hot weather doesn't help.

busybusybeejay said...

Same problem here.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the UK. You can order prescriptions online. Ask at your surgery, they'll give you a form to fill in, they okay it and give you a list of medical companies who operate the system. It's very easy to register with one of the companies, I just chose the one at the top of the list. You're then able to log in and order your repeat prescriptions just by ticking the items you want, your repeat items are all listed. You can also access your medical records, details of consultations, medical reports etc.

I order my prescription then get a text message from the pharmacy to say it's ready to collect, usually 24 hours later.

Constant internet access isn't a problem, I only to need to order my prescription every 2 months and can do that at my daughters house if necessary.

Col said...

'Anonymous', I assume you're trying to be helpful, but Hester is already more than aware of how and when to order prescriptions for both herself and her husband. Basically you're trying to teach your grandmother to suck eggs!!!

We're very lucky here in that we have a pharmacy next door to the Surgery, so any problems are quickly sorted. However, like Hester, I order online and collect after 48 hours. There is however, one snag, the pharmacy no longer opens on Saturdays, which causes endless inconvenience to folk who still work full time. It's fine for us retirees, but we're changing to a different Surgery soon anyway, (closer to where we live now) and our new place has a pharmacy on site, which is open six days a week, and delivers at no charge too!

Ellen D. said...

That is frustrating! I don't have that problem at my pharmacy and the pharmacist is really very kind and looks out for me. She was the one who got me my Covid vaccinations! I hope you can work out the problem with your pharmacist.

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

We have to order our scripts a week in advance, we get them delivered as we do not live close to the chemist. They do mess up occasionally, but if a medication is urgent they will pull out all the stops to get it to you.

Anonymous said...

Col - your first paragraph is insulting. I gave the information in good faith, not everyone knows that you can order online.

Has Hester asked you to reply on her behalf in such an obnoxious manner?

If not - butt out and mind your own business you obnoxious fart.

Hester - if I have offended you by seemingly insulting your intelligence as Col seems to think, then I apologise, my comment was made in good faith.


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