Wednesday 17 April 2024


My Oddbox arrived this morning and I've shared it with Betty, in it there were potatoes, onions, spinach, aubergine, a huge cauliflower and some apples and oranges. 

Steve had an audiologist appointment this morning, I went into town with my daughter. 

She had her face threaded whilst Beano and I wandered about. It was bitterly cold so we kept moving. Hopefully when the weather is better we can have lunch out.

I went to the summer house for the quiz when I got home, I nearly didn't bother as I was knackered but I made the effort. I only stayed for the quiz and gave Betty her share of the Oddbox.

I'm desperate for a good night's sleep, Beano is waking me up twice a night. He doesn't want to go out, he just seems to want company.

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Col said...

Although Beano's probably well used to Steve and his ways, he could be confused, as his little doggy world has changed dramatically over the past couple of years.
Maybe it's company and comfort Beano's looking for during the night, he just wants his mum! X

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