Sunday 7 April 2024

New wardrobe

Allegedly my new wardrobe will be here tomorrow between 7 a.m.and 11 a.m.

I shan't hold my breath!

I'm going to bowls club tomorrow for lunch, I'm not intending to play as I can't see well enough.


Ana Dunk said...

Good for you! Have a good time out and about and make it a regular thing, not necessarily every other day, but enough that Steve will have to get used to you being gone.

50 and counting said...

Good for you!

I had thought that a trip once a week to the Bowling Club might be a good plan. Take along an audio book or some simple crochet and there it is. Bliss. A few free hours to yourself.

keth said...

You might even get to play. There is a thing called bowls for the blind - enough that there's actually a nationwide organisation for it. There may be something at the club. Ask - I think you've nowt to lose. :) Even if you don't play, I hope you enjoy your lunch!


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