Tuesday 9 April 2024

New wardrobe.

 I have sex!

Sorry, let me retype that.

I have socks!

Until I got my new wardrobe all my underwear, nightware and t-shirts were crammed together in one small drawer.

Now I have my new wardrobe, complete with two drawers (though only one works) a hanging rail and five shelves, I've been able to sort my clothes out. 

This has meant I've been able to find all six pairs of socks that I own, instead of struggling to manage with two pairs and occasional bare feet.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I like your wardrobe !! And I am sure you are very happy to have it now!!
Dawn P. Albany, GA USA

Col said...

A proper wardrobe at last, and no cheesy feet smell!
It looks great and will make a huge difference to you, some storage space not just for clothes, but lots of other bits and bobs too!
We had a sliding door wardrobe fitted along the length of one bedroom wall just before Easter weekend in fact the last four drawers were fitted on Good Friday), and have been merrily filling it up!
Just one question, why do we have so much 'stuff'?
One compartment in ours is big enough, providing clothes are removed first, to fit a husband in. Oooh, the temptation to pop him in the wardrobe and get a padlock!
Enjoy your new found socks! X

Anonymous said...

That is a good looking piece of furniture as is the reflected person😉. You must be thrilled. Jan in Castle Gresley

Annabeth said...

Oooh, that looks great and hopefully the second drawer will work soon. Enjoy your socks, I knit all of mine and husbands and for anyone else in the family that appreciates them. Hope your husband keeps his hands off your wardrobe too.x

Anonymous said...

oh its lovely fits perfectly in that spot

Jaccs said...

Love the new wardrobe, very chic,and welcome to the centre stage to the Socks🧦🧦🧦

Heather said...

The new wardrobe looks very smart. Hey, less cold feet for you and no smell getting your clothes out anymore. Win, win.

Anonymous said...

Love that it has mirrors

Sue said...

That looks perfect. More than enough storage for all your things ... socks included. 😀

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