Monday 15 April 2024

It's been rough.

We've had a few difficult days. The weather has been nice and sunny though not particularly warm.

I'm not sure what triggered Steve but he was truly unpleasant on Saturday, it may have been because I didn't provide any food for him. 

It may have been because I told him I wasn't prepared to go to his friends forthcoming wedding, he's still cogitating on that information. I explained that being unable to hear, made large gatherings difficult. I didn't mention my dislike of being left at a table with people I don't know and can't hear for hours on end, or of struggling to get a rat arsed husband to bed in a hotel room. 

My oldest son is getting married at some point and if I'm invited I would like to go to that. There would be family members around who would help me.

Today I've done a machine load of washing, walked the dog  and will vacuum round, such excitement!


Sooze said...

My sympathies, Sue, you have things far worse than me. I admire the way you stand up for yourself, but know when to keep quiet and just tolerate the situation. It's not easy.

Col said...

I can understand that Steve would be upset about you not attending the wedding, as he doesn't see that there are any problems! He almost certainly thinks you're refusing to go just to be nasty to him, and won't be able to understand any other reasoning.
You'll just have to stand your ground, and try to get him to realise that your hearing and sight problems make it impossible for you to go. He probably won't understand or accept the reasoning, but all you can do is try.
I wouldn't be going either if I was in your position, it would be no fun at all for you, and as for getting a drunk husband to bed, I'm afraid I couldn't bring myself to do that, he'd just have to sleep wherever he landed!
Your son's wedding, however, gives you something to look forward to, and you'd be able to manage that fairly easily with the help of family. Would Steve be invited to that, or have your family had enough of his behaviour by now?
In the perfect world, Steve would meet the 'woman of his dreams' at the wedding, and bugger off with her to a booze filled future!
Take care. X

Elaine said...

Steady on, lass! Sounds like too much excitement for one day.
I hope his mood has improved.

Ellen D. said...

I'm glad you are standing up for yourself and doing what is best for you.

Heather said...

I know what you mean about being left at a wedding (or dinner) by your other half and knowing no-one. When my husband was first in the Royal Navy this happened to me quite a few times. It must be even worse for you not being able to hear a conversation. Hopefully Steve will get over being stroppy. My morning has been as exciting as yours :-)

flis said...

I wouldn't go either but of course go to your son's and let him please himself x

Nelliegrace said...

Well done. There is no law that says you have to go some social event you won’t enjoy, especially if you are then expected to do the clearing up.

DH thinks that I should go to his hobbies, and out with his mates, if I want to go out with him at all. He fills his days without even telling me, says he will be out for dinner when ours is already cooking. Not the retirement together I had expected.

Do men grow up or do they always expect someone to be their Mum?

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

Yes, of course they husbands mother did everything for him, afraid I don't play that game!!

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