Monday 1 April 2024


 I've just got back from having coffee with Betty and Harry, we went to a cafe near Asda. Unfortunately I forgot to specify decaf coffee, so now I'm jittery.

We also went into Asda, I bought stock cubes, two bananas and a red pepper. Betty has given me some cooked lamb mince to fill the pepper with.

I will put it in the fridge as Steve has decided to have a Chinese takeaway for this evening's meal. I  will eat the stuffed pepper tomorrow.

Steve has taken the doors off the old wardrobe in preparation for the new one arriving. Unfortunately this means the bedroom stinks of smelly feet. 

Oh well, this too shall pass!


Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling less jittery now and you can enjoy the takeaway,what a fab treat I haven't had one for a very long time! For tonight in your wardrobe, get a sturdy bowl and put some hot water in the bottom and then a cap full of fabric conditioner. It should help mask the smell a bit with something more pleasant so you can get some sleep and then tip it away in the morning and if it worked, do it again fresh every night until you get your new wardrobe set up

Jaccs said...

Maybe soak Steve’s feet in Lenor, it might solve the problem!!

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