Sunday 21 April 2024

A nosedive.

I'm struggling at present, my sight has taken another nosedive. Hopefully I'll adjust to it soon. Unfortunately it's coincided with my hearing aid developing a fault. I have an appointment on Thursday to get my aids sorted

Yesterday I bottomed out the kitchen, today it's the turn of the bathroom. I probably don't do a very good job but it will have to do. Steve will mostly empty the bins but that's about his limit. I'd quite like to get a cleaner in but can't afford one. I could cancel my veg box but I'm really enjoying eating fresh veg and fruit. As Steve does all the shopping I don't always get what I want. Steve will often by tinned or frozen fruit instead of fresh. He can't see the point of veg!


50 and counting said...

I haven't bought fresh berries in over a year. The quality and the cost has just been too high. It's frozen for us.

In the winter when veg is expensive, again it's frozen.

Easier to control portion size and I find it reduces waste for us.

Salad veg is another thing but again, it comes down to cost. I'm not a fan of beefsteak tomatoes but this week they are cheapest and at $1.98 a cucumber is a treat.

Pam Monks said...

Have you thought of applying for Attendance Allowance. It is intended to help people past retirement age with a disability. The forms would be difficult for you but I understand Age UK will help and you can get a large print version.

Janet Evans said...

That is an excellent suggestion. It is not 'means tested'. There aren't any questions on the application asking for your income. I don't even think you have to have a serious disability, as I completed the form on behalf of my 94 year old Dad and he has it, and uses it to pay a gardener. Maybe one of your daughters could help you complete the form. I think it is on the DW & P website. It would certainly help towards having a weekly/fortnightly cleaner and pay for a taxi or 2 if you needed transport in a hurry.
There maybe other benefits that you can apply for as well. Good Luck.
Janet ( I do not have a blog)

Col said...

According to DWP…

You can claim Attendance Allowance if ALL of the following apply:
You have a long-term physical or mental illness or disability.
You have needed help with your personal care (for example, washing and dressing), or supervision to keep you safe, for at least six months before claiming.
You're over State Pension age.


You won't be able to get Attendance Allowance if you already get:

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to pay for your care (the ‘care component’ of DLA)
Adult Disability Payment

flis said...

Just do what cleaning you can manage - Your veg box is a must for you though x

Kathy said...

If you are eligible to put in for attendance
allowance get help from citizens advice or
Age UK. They will fill the form with you and if you ask they would do you a benefits check. X

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