Saturday, 10 March 2018

Mental health care

We all know that mental health care is underfunded but this is ridiculous.

My DD has been diagnosed as bipolar she is not helped by having a husband who suffers from a chronic illness and that to keep the family afloat she works too many hours at three different jobs.

I'm looking after her youngest on Tuesdays for the next 9 weeks as DD's mental health team are insisting she attends a course entitled Getting Back into Work when you have Mental Health Problems.

She is being paid to attend and if she uses a babysitter she can claim back the babysitter's pay!


justjill said...

This world is totally mad. Probably wrong word, sick would be better. Thank goodness she has you as a Mum.

Frugal in Essex said...

We seem to go about things 'arse about face' in this country. Common sense does not prevail.

Jean said...

My son was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome but can't get any help to manage his condition as there are no specialists in our area and they won't refer him to another area for support. Meanwhile he can't work.

cumbrian said...

At least you can charge the going rate?

Margie from Toronto said...

Your poor DD must be exhausted with it all - I assume she has been given meds but I hope that she is given the time to adjust to them and to be able to focus on herself for a bit. You are a good mom.

Elaine said...

The 'system' is a blunt and costly instrument which fails people while applying yet more layers of pressure to make things worse.

My mother suffered serious mental health problems for much of her life. It was the NHS which let her down, hopefully that side of things is better in your daughter's case.

Your girl has a wonderful mother.

Hard up Hester said...

Thanks for all the comments.
Jean it's a nightmare isn't it!
Cumbrian, I don't get paid as I'm family, there was supposed to be a creche but that was cancelled.
Elaine, that's is true and it is letting my daughter down badly.

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