Friday, 2 July 2021

Three years

 We had a Chinese takeaway this evening, it was delicious.

We worked out that it's three years since we last had one.

Where we are moored its about a ten minute walk to collect the takeaway.

Steve isn't well today,  we went shopping but he couldn't remember what he wanted from the hardware shop. He forgot to take a mask but fortunately I had a spare with me. He insisted on going into the butchers to chose the bacon for tomorrow's breakfast but came out with six gammon steaks instead of six rashers of back bacon

He walked straight out into traffic but fortunately I was able to grab him. 

He has Beano either on a very long lead which means he gets in everybody's way or he has him on too short a lead. He gives Beano loud and contradictory instructions, fortunately Beano ignores Steve but usually obeys me.

It's like Steve has scrambled eggs instead of brains, he is aware that he's struggling but this just means he tries to do everything. He has to hold my hand, the dog lead and the shopping trolley, gets hopelessly tangled and gets extremely cross when I take one of them, usually Beano, away from him. 

He can't bear me to go shopping without him, I think he sees it as a loss of control.


Pam Monks said...

This post has made me feel sad for you both. Let us hope tomorrow is a better day and don't leave it so long for the next take away although it sounds as if you will be busy eating gammon.

WorcsAnnie said...

I would ask for him to be assessed again. Has he had an MRI scan. He could be having TIA attacks. Transient ischaemic attacks.

I really feel for you as it much exhausting.

Rambler said...

Hopefully this was a really bad but occasional day? It sounds so awful and frustrating for both of you and I hope that today is a better day. It occurs to me that if you could take a copy of this post to the doctor at Steve's next appointment, it would give him/her a very valuable idea of what is happening - and how to best treat him.
Sending you a gentle (((((hug)))))

ShellyC said...

It must be so hard for you at times for you, but you soldier on, as you must.
It would be an idea to get Steve checked out in case he is having TIA's (mini strokes). He may just be overtired as well.

The Weaver of Grass said...

It must be terribly frustrating for both of you.

Ellen D. said...

Wishing you both a calmer day.

Beacee said...

Hugs x

JanF said...

I agree with Rambler, the doctor needs to know exactly what you are going through, how daily life is.
We are in a similar situation with physical limitations ( but with Parkinson's disease). My husband enjoys pushing the trolley in the grocery store and it gives him some support.
There is medication which can help with mental clarity, people have told me that it works immediately.
I am amazed that Steve can move the boat and navigate.
My mother had many TIA's, some she would deny, they were over in a moment.


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