Monday 17 June 2024


Our lights were sorted within a couple of hours of me speaking to our site manager, fortunately.

Steve now has an upset stomach from taking too many painkillers. But he's been in the garden chatting to the neighbours. He's still convinced I should have phoned an ambulance for him.

It will be interesting to see if Steve starts drinking again today.

I need to clean the inside of my windows, I can't reach the kitchen window but I should be able to climb into the unit in the bay window and clean the ones there. I'll have to move all the trays of plants that Steve has there. I've no idea where he's going to plant them all we have no garden to speak of.


Fiona said...

I wonder why he couldn’t have called an ambulance himself?
I don’t usually comment on your blog but I’m a regular reader and couldn’t help myself today. Take care climbing up to clean your windows.

flis said...

Please take care climbing - My neighbour a few years ago climbed onto a table to reach something as she had always done - this time she fell backwards - At the time she didn't go to hospital but now has suffered from a spine problem x

Ellen D. said...

Can you use a sponge mop to clean those windows so you don't have to climb?
Glad you got your lights sorted.

Nelliiegrace said...

The plants won’t be there for much longer, and the inside of the windows won’t get much dirtier in the meantime.
Be safe.
Best wishes.

ShellyC said...

You could try a micro cloth dipped in soapy water and wrong out , fastened around a broom to clean your window. Save you climbing and doing yourself damage.
If you have a rubber broom head these are ideal for this job.

Sooze said...

Well done on getting the lights sorted so quickly. As for Steve, since he's clearly ok he obviously didn't need an ambulance. Like Fiona above, I'm surprised he didn't call one himself.

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