Wednesday 19 June 2024


 Steve seems to have shared his lurgy with me, he greeted the fact that I snoozed on the sofa for an hour today with great glee.

He feels that if I needed a snooze then he obviously was right to stay in bed for three or four days.

He's back to pottering in the garden, he spotted a strange looking leaf in one of the hanging baskets. I thought it looked like a strawberry leaf. This suggestion was greeted with ridicule, what would a strawberry plant be doing in his hanging basket. He asked another resident for her opinion. It's a strawberry leaf she said, now I'm a genius!

He's still coughing, I suggested he wear a t-shirt in bed as it may help him cough less if he keeps his back warm .  It seems this isn't as an option as real men always sleep naked.

Hey ho, I'm going for lunch with my daughter on Friday, whoopee.


flis said...

Sorry he's passed it to you - Mine doesn't take care with his germs either - Also I've given him my opinion and it isn't until much later he informs me he has found out elsewhere the same - Unfortunately there seems to be many grumpy old men around I've heard - Thank goodness you've got your Daughter and lunch out to get a bit of respite x

Ellen D. said...

Sorry you aren't feeling great but glad you are getting out with your daughter. That should help you feel better!

Chris said...

Enjoy your lunch tomorrow. Always nice to get together with close family!

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