Thursday 13 June 2024

Sick as a parrot.

Steve's not well, he thinks he caught what I've had for the past couple of weeks.

I have hayfever which I'm sure isn't contagious. Steve hasn't got a temperature so I think he probably just has a cold.I

He has gone back to bed and drawn the curtains. He went bed at 6 y'day evening and got up at 11:30 so he's been up about an hour. I took him a cup of coffee, I'm not totally heartless.


Anonymous said...

Most likely, whatever he caught, maybe a cold and/or COVID, he caught the wedding trip. But of course, he thinks he has caught...your hay fever.

I give it to you, girl...he would have pushed my last nerve a long time ago! But, I get it - I actually allow my EX husband to 'room' in my home; otherwise he would be homeless and he is a veteran who gets nil assistance from the government, he suffers PTSD and has a bit of disability in his left foot. But he knows not to push my buttons too far or he is OUT, lol. I call him my roommate, who does my laundry (I still work fulltime) and keeps the house reasonable clean, and cooks for us both several times a week. I am looking forward to the fact he will collection social security soon, and he can pay a small 'rent' to me.
Dawn P. Albany, GA USA

flis said...

That's very good of you - Today mine said he's not very well too - I asked what were his symptoms in case I need to call for a paramedic - He pondered and then said " apathy " x

Carole R said...

I don't think hay fever is catching! Really?! He has caught a cold I would think.
Even when I take anti histamines I don't sleep for that long.

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