Friday 21 June 2024

Still coughing

I'm still alive and still coughing I don't feel unwell, but I'm knackered from not sleeping well. I've spent the last two nights on the sofa as I cough more when I lay flat. On the sofa I sleep propped up against the arm. Also Steve is still coughing up a storm.

Today I went into town to get my hearing aids checked, I was supposed to have my ears cleared out earlier this week but despite making three separate appointments I was let down each time.

We have fish and chips this evening, one of the residents is going to collect them for us.


Ellen D. said...

Sounds like you might have Covid. Too bad you didn't get to the doctor for some medicine to help clear it up quicker. Hope you are on the road to recovery. If you can get some Cepacol extra strength cough and sore throat lozenges, they really helped my recovery.

Col said...

Try to sleep in bed, but prop yourself up with lots of pillows first. It's best to try to relieve the pressure of your feet being on the floor!
If himself complains, he can go and sleep on the sofa!
Hope you enjoyed your 'chippy tea'

Rae said...

When we got this virus, my husband couldn't breathe - he had a hard time catching his breath and it was affecting his attempt to sleep. We are fortunate to have adjustable beds and I told him to raise the head up as high as he could tolerate, and he fell asleep instantly. It makes a huge difference with the coughing and shortness of breath. I hope you are on your way to recovery. The doctors all call it the 100-day cough and it takes at least that long before you realize, one day, that you are no longer coughing. (also, we found tea with extra honey helps with the cough. If you have any star anise, add that to the tea and remove when drinking it.) Ranee (MN) USA

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