Wednesday, 1 August 2018

A face at the window.

Mooring on the towpath means that mostly all you see is people from the knees down.
Occasionally a dog will come up to the window for a closer look and when we moor in Woolhampton the pirate cat peers through the window at us.
My favourite is small children, especially toddlers who squat down to peer in, we always give them a friendly wave and reassure their parents/grandparents that we don't mind.
We even sometimes get adults bending over to peer in, a lot of boaters keep their blinds and curtains closed on the towpath side whereas I close mine only if the sun is beating in. So mine is needed of the few boat you can peer in to.


justjill said...

How lovely of you! Take it you are not a naturist!

Hard up Hester said...

Lol, no I'm always very careful, I'd hate to scare anyone!

Rambler said...

I was in Charleston, Cornwall, to see the replica 3-master sailing vessel that was used in The Onedin Line. It was moored in the harbour and I took photos - then bent down to see if I could see anything through the porthole. Imagine my shock & embarrassment when an angry face appeared at the window and I got yelled at and told to go away (in rather fruitier language! I hadn't realised the crew were living on board.

Hard up Hester said...

How embarrassing for you Rambler.

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