Thursday, 2 August 2018

All Cannings to Devizes

We've made it to the top of the Caen Hill Flight.
We're moored up in the pound just before the Flight.
We moored up before it originally but unfortunately we had moored by a wasps nest and we both got badly stung so we moved a bit further along.
We will be up just after 6 in the morning as we need to be ready to move as soon as another boat arrives to travel with us.
It saves water if there are 2 boats in the lock together.


Sue in Suffolk said...

I've walked up the Cean hill flight from a campsite to Devizes. would have loved to done it by boat

justjill said...

Sorry about the wasps. I have been stung by wasps and it is not pleasant. Hope for a better mooring? And day tomorrow.

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