Thursday 20 September 2018

Who's looking after who

I collected DGD from nursery today, as CHS is home with his damaged ankle I brought her back to the boat.
He has to spend  lot of time on the bed as there is nowhere else on the boat where he can sit with his leg elevated.
DGD sat beside him with my kindle and they watched Peppa Pig together.
It took his mind of the pain.
CHS gets sick pay and an accident form was filled in, he just missed his footing.
We are ok to stay where we are for now, CRT get a lot of bad press but I've always found them very helpful.
CHS keeps asking if I can get him crutches but I won't as he will only try to walk before he should if I got him some.
DGD was four on Monday, she is so pleased, her twin cousins were four in May and she's been desperate to catch up with them.
We bought DGD an acrylic rolling pin and some cookie cutters for her birthday as she loves play doh and was also given a box of 36 tubs of it.

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justjill said...

And breathe. So frustrating for the man indoors. Glad there is no pressure to move the boat. Happy Birthday to the wee one.

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