Monday 3 September 2018

Waiting in

Today I have stayed on the boat waiting for Ozzie's fuel boat to come along.

Ozzie wasn't far away but was waiting for a diesel delivery.

Someone had been spreading rumours that he had diesel bug, but we've never had any problems and we think it's important to support small traders otherwise next time we need them they could be gone.

The fuel boat is two boats bolted together, the back boat is the living area, the front one is the fuel storage.

The boat trundles between Wooton Rivers and Burghfield, if we need anything we phone Ozzie up to see whereabouts he is, we tell him roughly where  we are and he honks his horn as he's approaching.

We needed diesel, a gas bottle and a bag of logs, the bank account is now £112 lighter.

The gas will last about 5 months, the diesel will depend on how far we travel and if we use the central heating/immersion tank.

I had a cuddle with Max, Ozzie's dog whilst the diesel was being pumped in.


justjill said...

What is diesel bug? We too support local businesses. We find they are far more helpful. As your Ozzie obviously is.

Margie from Toronto said...

I find reading about all these businesses run from narrow boats fascinating. I've heard of the fuel boats of course but also grocery boats, a library and a barbershop/hairdressers. I think it's great that you choose to support such great entrepreneurs!

Hard up Hester said...

Diesel bug is a boating name given to the organisms that form slimes in diesel fuel.
Ozzie's fuel is clean so we are happy to buy from him.

Anonymous said...

Saw Ozzie's boat moored between Ham lock & Greenham lock this morning on my morning canal-side commute.

Awful when people spread unfounded rumours to try & damage other peoples business' & reputations!


Hard up Hester said...

Hi Caroline, it's an easy boat to spot isn't it.


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