Friday, 26 March 2021

Going overboard.

 Not literally though sometimes I'm tempted!

On our previous boat we had a couple of dehumidifiers  not electric ones, just the tubs. On this boat we had none, until yesterday that is.

I think I've mentioned about the smoke detectors and C02 detectors on  the boat, we have way more than is necessary for such a small space.

The same can now be said for the dehumidifiers, Steve bought 10 and they are lined up along the edges of the rooms. One of two would be sufficient but we have 10! They are not attractive and are a trip hazard.

I shall wait until Steve has developed a different obsession and then start reducing the number.

A few days ago Steve commented that he was glad I'd finally mastered the art of cooking without setting the smoke alarm off. The alarm is fitted so close to the cooker that it starts to shriek as soon as I reach to turn a gas ring on.

I nodded and smiled I haven't admitted to removing the batteries from the smoke alarm!

In case anyone think I'm being careless and taking risks, my son is a firefighter. He knows how many detectors we need and where they need to be fitted.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes I do admit that smoke alarms can be irritating.

JanF said...

Perfect that your son can advise on the correct amount. In this house, in our three levels we have eleven. All required over some 3,700 sq.ft. They all went off together accidentally last year for two hours. We nearly went crazy.

crafty cat corner said...

That gave me a giggle. We have to be crafty sometimes with these men don't we.

happy hooker said...

In our old, 3 storey Victorian house we had a smoke detector on each floor. Why was it that the one I needed to get the ladder out of the garage to get to, ALWAYS started bleeping (batteries low) in the middle of the night? Not fun, especially in winter. xx

Debby said...

LOL! Okay, this made me laugh!

kate steeper said...

i do a lot of nodding my head and agreeing while taking no notice of his daftness ...seems to work just fine

mamasmercantile said...

I smiled, we are all guilty of a little hood winking now and again.

flis said...

Him upstairs has trouble hearing me even if I am in close range But he can be far away and hear the smoke detector if I've accidentally set it off and he causes a real commotion running around panicking x


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