Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Hungerford to Froxfield

 We travelled from Hungerford to Froxfield, unfortunately at one of the locks Beano discovered the corpse of something grey and furry. It was too decomposed to determine what it had been. Beano decided to roll it it!

He stank to high heaven, I washed him with a sponge but he still stank so instead of travelling on the boat with Steve, Beano and I walked from lock to lock.

When we finally moored up Beano had yet another shower!

We only stayed a couple of night at Froxfield as we were so close to the railway line so it was extremely noisy.

We have now moved on again.


Ellen D. said...

Poor Beano! He is having a bad week! Hope he feels (and smells) better!

walking in beauty carmarthenshire said...

I wonder if tomato juice would remove the smell, it works with skunk.

Col said...

Beano's just not having much luck at the moment is he? If he'd stop rolling around in whiffy stuff it might help his cause!
Our dogs used to search for, and often find, fox or badger poo to roll in when we walked in our local woods. We had Bearded Collies, so it was an appalling job picking bits of everything out of their long, thick coats!

Rambler said...

Tomato Ketchup - recommended by many long-haired dog owners!
I'm intrigued that despite his difficulties, Steve is capable of controlling the boat on his own. Is he nervous/anxious to do that? Are you anxious about him managing?

Chris said...

Why do dogs love to roll in stinky stuff? I'm sure he doesn't like the resulting scrubbing!

Jaccs said...

Poor Beano,my dogs go out iof their way to roll in fox poo, they stink something rotten, takes a hell of a job to get it off their fur too, we call it Eau de la fox, but sounds like Beano prefers Canal no 5!!!

JanF said...

Clever comment from Jaccs!
Our Labrador retriever rolled in dog poop when we took a break driving (decades ago) from the Midlands to Cornwall. We got out for a quick break as Dad had to stop in a long traffic hold up, common in those pre motorway days! Had to travel with him all that way stinking . We had no water with which to clean him off, Mum tried her best with a towel and a bottle of lemonade.


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