Sunday 18 August 2019

Water in, water out.

Whilst we were at Tyle Mill we filled the water tank up as well as emptying the black water and whilst it was filling we ran the washing machine and had a shower.
This way we still ended up with a full tank when we moved off, we are considering buying a spare water tank to make us less reliant on the very sparse facilities.

We shared the facilities with another boat, they'd had visitors staying and the visitors had filled their black water tank and emptied their water tank in three days instead of the usual three weeks.

I think it would do a lot of people good to live on a boat for six months it would give them some perspective on how much of the world's resources they waste.

For example there is limited storage so there is no point constantly buying new clothes or any other piece of must have crap shown by advertisers, as there is nowhere to store it unless you throw away last weeks crap. (See waste disposal below).

Food shopping, everything has to be carried along a rutted towpath and if you buy food with lots of packaging you then have to lug the rubbish to the nearest waste point. These are also few and far between and very few have recycling facilities.

Enjoy a nice long bath?  You will have to fill your tank up every couple of days, which means finding a water point.

If you flush wet wipes and cotton buds then you will end up spending a fortune on having your black water pipes replaced when they get blocked.

Do you like your house lit up like Blackpool Illuminations, lights on in every room even if nobody is in the room? You will need to run your engine for hours and that is noisy and smelly if you are stationary. Of course you could rely on solar, as we do, but this is England and sometimes, like today there is no sun to fill the solar.

I could give many more examples but you get the idea I'm sure.

Whilst typing this Kate Bush came on the radio, allegedly she lives or used to at Tyle Mill.


Moira said...

Hubby and I are off to Spain and Portugal for a month's walking then touring around for another month using public transport. Everything is packed in a flight carry on bag 40lts.
Can afford these trips as we don't buy stuff.

Jean said...

We lived in a small mobile home when we were first married so we didn't have room for loads of stuff. It felt liberating.

bbarna said...

I am in total agreement. We spend a great deal of the summer in our 8ft camper (sits in the box of our pickup truck). We have solar, a propane stove and a very tiny fridge. Water is used frugally and so it the toilet. In many ways a much simpler life.

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