Wednesday, 21 August 2019

So what does a five year old want for her birthday?

My dgd who is 5 soon has asked for a unicorn bed for her birthday. 

I asked DD2 how she was going to manage this.

It seems she has bought a 2nd hand bed painted it white and added some unicorn stickers to it. DD has bought a unicorn bed tent and fairy lights. Steve and I will buy unicorn bedding. I will also make some bunting for her bedroom.


Linda Metcalf said...

She's going to be one happy five year old!

Anonymous said...

Sounds incredible...I thinks she's going to be a happy little girl :)

LameWolf said...

But don't unicorns have straw for their beds, the same as horses?? *ducks and runs* :-D

Bloody cheek.

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