Wednesday 7 August 2019


Some boaters like to colonise the tow path when they moor.
The posh ones set up their recliner chairs, picnic table with parasol, wine cooler, BBQ etc.

Some set up a BBQ and swing ball and maybe some blankets.
These only appear in the summer months.

There are other boaters, full time liveaboard's, they tend to unload wood, a fire pit made from a washing machine drum, a clothes airer, a couple of folding chairs, a pile of bricks and a wheel barrow.

Someone passing our boat asked why all boaters had a wheel barrow on their roof, we don't so I'm not sure she,asked me but I did explain that a wheel barrow was the best way to transport stuff along the towpath because the terrain can be rough.


Penhill said...

Are you allowed to colonise a tow path? I thought they were like public footpaths.I only have experience of the tow paths near Stratford upon Avon and I have never seen what you describe?

Hard up Hester said...

I don't suppose they are but they tend to be the wider ones where the path wanders through a field. We tend to stay on the boat but it's something I've noticed on my travels.

Anonymous said...

Sounding very jealous and envious love.


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