Wednesday 28 August 2019

A creature of habit.

Steve and Beano are both creatures of habit, any change in routine sends both of them into panic stations.

Last night I wasn't well and spent most of the night on the toilet. Beano kept padding too and fro to see me. When I wasn't in the bathroom I lay on the sofa, I could doze off in a sitting position which was more comfortable, Beano was confused as I wasn't in bed.

Steve was in a panic as DD2 and the dgd's were coming for a boat trip today and he didn't know whether to put them off or not.

I did worry briefly that I may have inadvertently given every one at stroke club food poisoning but Steve is ok and when I recalled what I'd eaten I realised that I'd had something that doesn't agree with me.

So despite feeling as though I'd been run over by a steam roller I got up and walked Beano as the little bugger refuses to walk just with Steve.

Steve was in full on panic mode, counting life jackets, drinks and sausage rolls, dropping a carton of eggs whilst checking the fridge. He kept asking me questions, not waiting for the answer and immediately asking a different question. He was generally being a pain in the arse. His panic was affecting Beano who kept getting off the boat and going to the car park gate. He thinks we are going to leave him on the boat and go somewhere without him.

By the time DD2 and the kids arrived Steve was pacing up and down the boat talking to himself, Beano won't eat his breakfast as he's scared he's going to miss something and I'm ready to brain the paint of them!

Eventually we set off, we were travelling just under a mile to a lock, going through the lock, winding, going back into the lock and then returning to our original mooring place but facing the other way.

We saw lots of moored boats with garden moorings, people growing beans, cabbages and tomatoes amongst other things. There were also swans, geese and lots of dragonflies. The girls particularly enjoyed sitting on the front of the boat and going up and down in the lock. DD2 was surprised how much work was involved in working the lock and said she now knows why I've lost so much weight.

We had a picnic lunch once we'd moored up again. An assortment of finger food as there isn't room for everyone to sit at the breakfast and.

DD2 and the kids had a great time and went home with a carrier bag of food.

All in all a successful trip and Steve and Beano both calmed down once we set off.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes dogs do pick up the vibes (and some partners too by the sound of it).

Susan Bell said...

Oh heck! So glad all was well in the end.

Are you deep down calm, calm on the surface or don't know what day it is when you have all that to contend with, however much you love them?

Hard up Hester said...

Calm on the surface if I panic they'd both go to pieces, underneath I don't have a Scooby what is going on!

Living Alone in Your 60's said...

Hope you feel better soon, I'm pleased your day went well. My dog always knew when we were going on holiday and he'd run away. We almost missed our flight one year.

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