Thursday 3 September 2020

Email scam

I received an email yesterday from a member of stroke club asking if we were ok and where we were.

I replied and the next email asked for a favour.

The favour was £300 iTunes vouchers!

Funnily enough I refused and forwarded the email to the government anti fraud address.

I also had to find a way of contacting the stroke club member and warning them that their email has been hacked.


JanF said...

Thanks for doing that. Our e mail address book was hacked in January and everyone was contacted . Unfortunately two friends each sent $400 to the scammer. These were not even close friends and would not have asked to give me even $4. It was horrible.

Living Alone in Your 60's said...

There are just so many scams about the Govt can't keep up. I had a message from HSBC saying they couls ee someone had taken a payment twice and would I click on the link to get a refund. THIS ONE AS EASY AS I DONT HAVE A HSBC ACCOUNT!!!!

mamasmercantile said...

I am thankful that you recognised it as a scam, my heart goes out to all those fooled.

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