Tuesday 1 September 2020

Long night

 It's 3:30 and I've been awake since 2.

Sometimes I sleep through until 4.

I saw a description posted on a forum,  of a bad nights sleep, too hot, too cold, need a wee, this is a very accurate description.

Add to this panic attacks and a husband who talks in his sleep, loudly and expects a reply if he asks a question.

I don't class this as insomnia as I don't lie awake tossing and turning, feeling exhausted and desperate to sleep.

I think I wake because I've had enough sleep, I usually fall asleep about 11.

Once I'm awake I read, play freecell, write notes and reminders  for an hour, then I try my breathing exercises for 20 minutes.  

If I don't fall asleep then I read again.

I cannot just lie in the dark and wait for sleep as the panic attacks increase.


Barbara Anne said...

Big hugs! Hope you can get back to sleep or have a good nana nap later today. You do keep so busy and have so much to deal with.

Wishing you well.

Siebrie said...

My Mum (who's 84 now) has done this for years. She would wake up, go downstairs for a cup of hot milk, do some bible reading or praying, and go back to bed for a couple of hours. She did this already when I was still living at home, 28 years ago.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I read somewhere that if you haven[t gone to sleep after half an hour you are better to get up and read or do something for an hour and then go back to bed.

Hard up Hester said...

I don't get out of bed for two reasons, 1) it's too bloody cold and 2) the dogs would expect a walk!

keth said...

Apparently it was once quite normal for people to do this - they'd wake up in the small hours, have a small (and I do mean small) meal, read, make love, that sort of thing, and then go back to sleep. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-16964783 has more info. Essentially, Hester: I think you're on the right track with not lying there and getting anxious about not sleeping. Better to do what works for you :) hope that helps!

Lynda said...

I had anxiety last week about a decision I made and couldn’t sleep all week. Finally reversed the decision..
If I can’t sleep I generally go downstairs and read..staying in the bedroom wakes the dogs, and that’s a whole nother story....

flis said...

I can't sleep until 2am or 2.30 and then not in bed but on a sofa downstairs.I've been like this for a couple of years.I am anxious all the time and always have been x

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