Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Billy has ishews.

Billy is a border collie, he lives on a boat moored just along from us.

He is a rescue like Beano, unfortunately Billy can be a bit unpredictable.

Billy and Beano are fine with each other usually but occasionally Billy barks at me and Beano doesn't allow that!

Billy has trigger words that upset him and make him aggressive, in fact he has a whole bloody dictionary of trigger words.

Including, hello, good boy, sit and stay!


Ellen D. said...

Billy must have had a rough life before he was rescued!
Hope you stay safe, tho!

Chris said...

That must be tricky as his trigger words are sort of an indispensable part of doggie training.

flis said...

Don't Billy's owners correct him?-mine aren't the best behaved dogs to say the least but I do tell them no and don't like to let them upset others.I say the same words when dogs rush up to me too x

ShellyC said...

The first rescue dog I ever had would go insane if you shook out a black bag to put in the bin. I can only assume he had a bad time with one at some point in his early life.
I eventually tried large white bin bags, not a murmur out of him.

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