Thursday, 22 April 2021

Assorted waffling

Debbie questioned whether or not I should have given someone a lift to collect their car.

I have no idea whether or not I should have but as  we have both had our 2nd jabs and driving lessons and flying lessons resumed on 12th April, both of which mean two unconnected people sitting in a confined space I decided that giving a lift wasn't much different.

Beano and I are walking five miles daily with a friend and her dog,  we pass some CRT moorings where people had made gardens near their boats. The gardens are all being removed by order of CRT.

I've been watching Sewing Bee I do enjoy the program, I look at the clothing they make and remember how I used to be able to sew so well, but not any more. I made both my wedding dresses, I made a man's suit and a corduroy jacket for friends, loads of dresses, tee shirts shorts and trousers for my children. I made tutus and superhero capes. I made cushion covers, curtains and patchwork quilts. At the moment I can still knit and crochet but I'm not sure for now long. I think I may soon be reduced to plaiting.

We will probably stay here for another week and then move on as we will need water and pump out then.

Not a very good picture but these are out current neighbours.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I too am watching Sewing Bee - I always enjoy it although my sewing days are long over. I thought the dresses on this week's programme were very good foronly week two.

Debby said...

Your new neighbors look udderly delightful. Invite them over for coffee. De-calf, of course.

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