Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Not long now

 It's -2 overnight here, I'm sleeping badly as I can't get warm. It's not much warmer during the day, yesterday we had some snow flurries.

The marina has run out of coal, they weren't expecting this sudden cold snap. There is a delivery expected tomorrow. If there in no delivery before we leave we will meet up with the fuel boat once we are out on the cut.

Today we went shopping,  stocked up the cupboards with extra dry goods, rice  pasta, tea and coffee amongst other things. Steve had a phone call from some friends, they are waiting for County Lock to come off Red boards then they will join the Kennet and Avon, we will head towards them and hopefully meet up in a couple of weeks.

Tomorrow we have to collect Steve's prescription.

 Friday we have rain forecast, I shall vacuum round for the last time and do one last hot wash of our bedding in the machine. Hopefully we will have coal by then and I'll be able to get the bedding dry.

Saturday we will fill the water tank.

Not long now until we set off.


Col said...

You're a better (wo)man than I am Gunga Din!
I'm much too fond of my home comforts, and much too lazy to live your life.
I can appreciate how lovely it must be in better weather, and the freedom, peace and quiet, ducklings, swans, canal side pubs, and countryside right outside your windows, but it's not something I could do!
I imagine it's much better for you now that you have a broad-beam, as a narrowboat is exactly that isn't it, narrow!
I quite fancy a week or two cruising the quieter canals up here in the north, out of season, but the thought of full time living as you do is definitely not for me.
I really admire you for making the decision you did, and living as you do, I'm too cowardly for that!
I think I'm hard done by when I have to take the washing out of the machine and walk up the drive to the garage to put it in the tumbler!
Hoping you get out on the cut and enjoy some freedom soon, and also wishing for warmer weather, this cold snap is getting monotonous now!
Take care Sue. X

JanF said...

Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly before you set out. An adventure and good times ahead I hope. I agree with all Sue says about your gutsy lifestyle.

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