Friday, 28 May 2021

Throw them up and throw them in.

 DD2 recently moved in to her new house, it's a new build on a new estate. I have to say I'd never but a new build as I've heard so many horror stories. DD2's house is no exception

Within hours of moving in she discovered water running down the walls. One of her children was having a bath, DD2 assumed they were sloshing the water around at went upstairs to tell them to stop. But no, the problem was that none of the pipe fittings had been tightened so all the joints were leaking. She phoned the building company only to be told that this was impossible as the problem would have been pick up and put on the snagging list.

The following day she discovered the same problem with the downstairs plumbing, phoned again and was given the same line of bollocks about the snagging list.

As part of the estate is still under construction DD2 hunted down one of the plumbers and persuaded him to come and address the problems. He was there for two days!

The turf in the back garden was laid without the ground being levelled so it started to die. DD2 sorted this problem out her self.

Yesterday she discovered that one of the kitchen worksurface brackets has been connected to the mains electric. Yet again she phoned the building company, this time she was told that this was impossible as the house would have been given a final electrics test and said test would have been signed off. DD2 knew this as she'd already spoken to Steve about it.

DD2 quoted chapter and verse on all the safety issues involved and no doubt put the fear of God into whoever she was speaking to. The problem was being resolved last to heard.


Rambler said...

Such shoddy workmanship, but what would really anger me the most would be the patronising manner in which the bulding spokesman replied to the reports of those faults. I would definitely publicise the building firm's faults and attitude - on Facebook, local paper, etc. They need to be reported.

R's Rue said...

Hope it all gets sorted.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Makes me glad I decided against a new build.

The speed at which they build houses now is just crazy - they cant possibly have time to dry out

ana s. said...

We had a complete bathroom gut and remodel. THankfully the company gave a 2 year full warranty. First found the plumbing to the sink was not completed and the heavy sink unit was not properly attached to the wall. Then there was a bad leak in a pipe in the wall. Problem was a crack in a new metal pipe. Third was a new toilet seal leak. I am hoping nothing else fails but they did fix everything promptly. The second problem required an emergency visit and this was done. I cannot imagine a new build.

Perhaps they took the cheapest plumbing bid instead of using an experienced person? In a new house we got in 1997, we had two plumbing pipes blow off. Thankfully we were home or all our hardwood floors would have been destroyed in the first problem. Learned the plumbers involved in all these issues did not do a good complete job to ensure the joints were tight and would last. Emergency plumber gave us a lesson.

Col said...

My Aunt and Uncle once bought a new build; on the third evening after moving in, they were watching TV, and heard a strange noise. It was described to me as a sort of dry 'shushing' sound. Within an hour, all the plaster had fallen off every wall in the house, it just came away at the ceiling joins and slid off.
The garden was so full of builders rubbish that it took two large skips to clear it all ready for planting, the kitchen worktops were not fastened to the wall or the kitchen cabinets, but just balanced on, the bedroom light fittings were all live, even when the lights were turned off at the wall switches, and the en suite bathroom door had no handle on the inside, which my Aunt only discovered when she went in there, closed the door and had to stamp on the floor until someone downstairs heard her and went to her rescue!
They're just the problems I can remember offhand, it was about thirty five years ago, but I know they decided it was the biggest mistake they had ever made, and as soon as the problems were all rectified, they put it up for sale. They actually made a profit on it too, and moved to a beautiful 1930's house, which was well built and had some proper character!
I hope your daughter takes the builders to task about every tiny problem she finds, they shouldn't ever be allowed to get away with such awful workmanship!

Cro Magnon said...

Unbelievable! I would never, personally, buy a new build. I like a home where all the problems have been seen-to over a few hundred years.

A Smaller Life said...

It's obviously a very shoddy building company that has thrown all these houses up, what a shame she is having to put up with all this and what a good job that Steve could talk her through some things.

To show the other side of of the coin our new-build investment property has been brilliant and all the neighbours say the same. The first few little teething problems saw the workmen dashing round to set things straight immediately, and having the 10 year guarantee on the place is really reassuring.

The gardens were all finished off with proper drainage levelling and quality top soil and turf laid (if that was what you wanted), some people had stone or flags laid instead.
Each had a tree planted in one corner of every garden as well as a compost bin being sited and a water butt attached to one downpipe of the house.

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