Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Busy day

Weave, yes it is Hawthorne, it's very pretty.

Col the CRT employ spotters who walk the canal but they only pass weekly, one was murdered a short time ago near Aylesbury.

JanF, Steve wasn't bothered about paying for a pump out, it got us on the move once it was done.

Beano seems to be fully recovered and is no longer limping.

Yesterday was very busy, we are moored not far from a particularly difficult lock and swing bridge.

I hate doing this one on my own as you need to get the lock with the boat still in and the gates open but the boat needs to stay in the lock until the bridge is open. This is because of the strong current where the river joins the canal.

To make things worse you cannot see the bridge from the boat so whoever is operating the lock has to gallop to and fro to let the boater know they can proceed. Once the bridge is open the boater needs to give the engine some welly and race towards the bridge.

We helped nine boats through the lock yesterday, two were wide beams which have to go in the lock alone the others were narrow boats and two can fit in the lock together. After the first six boats Steve was knackered and was about to return to our boat but the next two boats were single handers, one was a lady we know well, who travels with her dog and cat. We helped her and another single hander through the lock before returning to our boat. There were no more boats then until early evening when a huge Dutch barge came through, again we want to help the couple on board as the wife is six months pregnant.

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Col said...

I had no idea about the poor man murdered near Aylesbury, it didn't make the news up here in the north west. How awful for his family to lose him in that way. The CRT have more than enough money to ensure that spotters go around in pairs for added safety, it's appalling that they send people out alone.
When I told my husband about the boat moored on the water point, he said he'd have asked nicely for them to move, and if they didn't he'd have cut their ropes! Obviously, we're a very stroppy couple!
Do all boaters give people as much help as you and Steve? I know someone who is now living aboard on the Grand Union, and I know for a fact that he would expect everyone to help him, but he would never help anyone else, he has a great sense of entitlement!
I'll definitely be sticking with my life on dry land, I'm not adventurous or adaptable enough to make the changes you have! X

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