Thursday, 20 May 2021


 Angela, some beads would be wonderful if you can spare them I have lots of tiny beads but I need larger ones to fasten the bracelets, thank you.

Debby there are no laws to make people keep their dogs on a lead on the tow path, unfortunately some people are so besotted with their dog that they cannot see the problem.  Siebrie, most of my clothes are covered in mud anyway as it is currently very wet and muddy here. I was told years ago about lifting my knee to stop a dog jumping up, I think it hurts their chest. I don't usually do it as I like dogs but this one would have knocked me over.

I know that Beano can be a stroppy bugger sometimes  so I put him on the lead, to so many owners their dog is their baby, Beano is spoilt but I never forget he is a dog.

Looking out the window I can still see the same tree so the ropes must have held last night despite the high winds, whether the gang plank is still in place, I'll check one the kettle has boiled.

We are in a row of nine boats, so it's quite sociable here though one boat is empty and one boater is nocturnal. 

Beano has met another boat dog, she is called Doris and we are not far from his friend Daisy.

A lot of people were late for work yesterday as a herd of cows escaped from a nearby field, they were wandering up and down the road stopping the traffic. They were out for a couple of hours before they were rounded up. Fortunately none of them made it on to the A4 as it's a busy road.


Sue said...

Kneeing a dog in the chest can cause permanent damage, my mum's dog escaped his lead when she tripped and fell on our local canal towpath. The dog jumped at a passer by who approached to help mum, the dog wasn't aggressive but possibly wanted to warn the person not to get too near. She'd had him from being a pup, knew his background, he was the soppiest and most gentle dog we'd ever known and he had never in his life (8 years) shown any aggression and didn't then apart from jumping up at the man who pulled his knee up. Mum's dog was obviously hurt and I took him to the vet for her, he was kept in for two days but had difficulty breathing and after x rays he had to be put to sleep.

There are kinder ways to discourage a dog from jumping up, if anyone is a genuine dog lover they can access this information easily on the internet.

lee said...

I hate large dogs jumping at you. Unfortunately a dog did that to me, a very large retriever crossed with a tank, and bowled into my leg smashing my knee. I was off work for 6 months, it was no fun having a groin to ankle brace and crutches and now 14 years later am starting with arthritis in that knee. What added insult to the injury was the owner didn't apologise and just walked off leaving me writhing on the ground.
A very kind lady walked the length of a very muddy field and took charge of my puppy (on a lead all this time)and helped me to my foot. The other one just dangled. Not a nice memory.

Kathy said...

Astounded! How on earth is anybody to know the intentions of a dog bounding up at you? You did exactly the right thing in the circumstances by applying the self-defence knowledge you already know. It isn’t any use lying injured and then looking up google!!

Moved again

We had no wifi at our last mooring spot so I couldn't post. It was a lovely spot and we were near people we know so Beano had a catch-up...