Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Random ramblings

Today has been spent dealing with an outbreak of word salad from Steve. He's very stressed so talks gibberish and gets cross when I can't understand him.

I tried to collect some parcels today but the road I was travelling on was closed, I tried to follow the diversion signs but at a double roundabout there were no more signs so I came home, I'll try again tomorrow.

I had a salad wrap for lunch, the lettuce in the salad has been grown in a tub on the roof of the boat.

Today is my nephews wedding anniversary he and his wife got married at 12:30 on 4th May 2006, 123456.

The news is full of Prince Harry appearing at a concert to call for fairer vaccine distribution, I really can't see how J.Lo prancing around and grabbing her crotch is supposed to help!

Yesterday was the anniversary of Madeline McCann going missing, I used to work with someone who had stayed in the same complex. She believed the parents were very irresponsible as they were a long way from the apartment where the children were sleeping.


ShellyC said...

I have always wondered about the wisdom of leaving babies alone in a holiday apartment. If you wouldn't do it at home why do it on holiday?
If it had been non professional parents, they would have been put out to dry.

Chris said...

Very interesting "ramblings" if I may say so, Hester. Don't know much about the McCann case but I agree that their decision to leave the child was badly thought out. Sometimes parents are persuaded to do things they know are foolish or dangerous.

kate steeper said...

word salad days ...code for disagreeable old git days...lol

JanF said...

My Birthdate ( in U.S. terms) is 01-23-45. Amuses all the medical receptionists!


Steve went into town today, two buses each way. He collected his prescription which was wrong as he only needed two of the five tablets he t...