Friday, 21 May 2021


It has rained almost non-stop today and although the wind seems finally to have dropped its still cold.

We've seen four boats go by this evening, one share boat and three hire boats. The crews were, without exception, piddling wet through and all looked extremely miserable. I can't say I blame them the weather is absolutely foul.

Beano has been jumping off the gang plank and peeing on the nearest patch of grass before running back on to the boat.

We now have a huge Dutch barge moored near us, it appeared yesterday evening about 8:30, the river is quite wide here so there is plenty of room.

I bought some duck eggs today from a nearby house, I like duck eggs for a change sometimes, especially when I'm making a cake. Steve's friend is visiting on Sunday, I'm making Hunters Chicken and I will make some brownies as well. 

Wanda, thank you for you email.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Holiday hire boats on a wet day - been there, done that, not a lot going for it.

ShellyC said...

I feel your Beano's pain. I had a Jack Russell that would put her rump out of the dog flap to pee on the decking before climbing back in!!


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