Sunday, 23 May 2021

Wet again

Another day of wind and rain here, we were thinking of moving today but put it off as a friend of Steve's was supposed to be coming for lunch.

As it happens the friend cancelled but  I'm glad we decided not to move as the weather is, yet again, atrocious.

The rain is so heavy that the water levels are up and down like a bride's nightdress, the sluices are working overtime attempting to compensate. We will eventually reach saturation point.

I've now made 20 friendship bracelets and I have another 20 cut up ready to plait.

Ellen, thanks for your concern, the letters are not a scam, just the usual disorganised communication from the local benefits department. Hopefully they will realise that Steve isn't claiming benefits before they waste their time phoning him.

Amanda I gather that although Diana complained about the tabloids and the tv journalists she wasn't adverse to letting them know where she'd be at times when she wanted publicity.

Weaver yes, wet boating holidays are truly miserable, the boats that are due back tomorrow have been struggling along today.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Hope the weather is better for you today.

Moved again

We had no wifi at our last mooring spot so I couldn't post. It was a lovely spot and we were near people we know so Beano had a catch-up...