Saturday, 22 May 2021

Three letters

 Steve has received three letters, they were dated a few days apart. 

The first was to inform him that his benefits would be stopped as he had refused to send in a fit note.

The second was to inform him that his benefits would be stopped on a certain date as he will have reached retirement age.

The third letter was to tell him he MUST attend a health assessment interview by telephone in June as he missed the previous ones and if he doesn't attend his benefits will be stopped. How he is meant to have missed previous telephone appointments I'm not sure as he hasn't missed any calls.

These letters would be confusing enough on their own but when you consider the fact that Steve receives no benefits it all becomes slightly barmy!

Steve applied for the new style ESA  merely to ensure his stamp was paid for the first year after his stroke. This was to ensure he had enough contributions to collect his state pension.

I'm struggling to understand why people are shocked at the behaviour of the BBC, I've always known that the BBC was referred to a Anti, not Aunty. Maybe I'm cynical, scratch that. I am definitely cynical. I expect reporters to be dishonest just as I assume politicians are also dishonest.

I am beyond bored with the Harry and Megan saga, yes he had a shitty life but he had a privileged shitty life. Lots of people have had a worse time but at some point they have made the decision to put the past behind them where it belongs and have a good life. 


lindsey said...

How folk cope with letters like that, I’ve no idea. Luckily, you are on the ball. As for Markle and Harry, what can one say? They should have had my childhood, for one thin (as bad as you could imagine).. To be so unappreciative and disloyal is beyond belief. She appears to be a lying narcissist and he has such a weak character that he has been sucked into all her psycho babble. I don’t wish them well and I do wish that they would just shut up and live happily in their multi million $ house.

Amanda said...

Think it's rather cynical to hammer on the BBC and ignore the tabloids, which from the moment Diana appeared on the scene, could not put out an issue that did not feature ridiculous headlines and photos about her (and have not improved with age!) and the public that buys them up.

Ellen D. said...

Here in the US, I would suspect that letters like Steve got are part of a scam to scare you into providing private information. Or someone is trying to collect using his name. That happened to me when someone filed for unemployment under my name. I was able to contact the proper office and stop the unemployment claim. Be careful of scammer!

JanF said...

I, too, am utterly sick of Harry and Meghan. I really wish their titles would be stripped but I can't see that happening, or them giving them up. They are ridiculous and should be ignored.
Those letters just prove how mixed up so many officials and office personnel are, what on earth are they being paid for? Hope you get it sorted without hassle.

Debby said...

I believe that he and Meghan have the right to pursue a meaningful life, but that does not mean giving them unlimited airtime to deconstruct the rest of the family. I really do think that Oprah should be ashamed of herself. What's driving this is money.


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