Monday 21 September 2020

I'm confused

 First I am accused of being wealthy but begging for financial help then I'm accused of lying about having retirement accommodation, the accommodation has parking and a garden.

 Just because it has no communal facilities doesn't mean it's imaginary. Maybe it was my description of it being retirement accommodation, maybe I should have described it as the property we intend to move into when we leave the boat.

Also if I'm wealthy I doubt very much if council accommodation would be provided.

Living on a boat isn't a cheap option and I have never claimed it is. We don't pay council tax or normal utility bills, we use solar for our electricity and buy bottled gas.

Rose there are pros and cons with being static. There is water and electric to the jetty, there are also rubbish disposal facilities and pump out on site. When we are moving we have to factor in where we can next empty our black water or fill up with clean water. Being static means we are very close to the boats either side so it makes our boat dark inside and we have no view apart from the neighbouring boat.


flis said...

That anon comment was done by a gaslighter who wants to make you question yourself- because they are so miserable inside themselves x

Meanqueen said...

I know exactly what you are talking about when you tell us about boat life, because I follow David of Cruising the Cut. It ain't easy living on a boat, I admire your gumption.

Hard up Hester said...

Mean Queen, We watch him too.

Flis, I just thought the anon commenter was too thick to understand what I meant!

lindsey said...

I’m afraid I have missed all these arguments and I’m glad I have. Why do folk think that they know better than you about how to solve your problems?! Most people probably are trying to help and on every blog there seems to be a few horrid comments left. My impression is that you are a kind and generous person whether on dry land or water. Just at the moment you are finding life difficult on top of the pandemic and I really hope that things get easier for you soon. Take care and best wishes to you and your husband x

justjill said...

My feelings are the same.

JanF said...

I'm just pleased that you have an alternative in mind for whenever you wish to live on land again.
I love reading about your adventures/experiences.

WorcsAnnie said...

I mentioned you moving back to your retirement home, I hope I did not cause any of the problems you have had with trolls. I presumed it had a communal area that may or may not have given your hubby someone else to talk with or sit with to give you a break my apologies for getting this wrong.

Your finances are your own business and is not up for discussion. I expect because your title is Hard up Hester there is an expectation that you are poor.

Maybe all that you have to do keeping afloat is better for steve in that it keeps him active it is just unfortunate that you have health problems too. I think you are both an inspiration so take no notice of the trolls.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Thanks Hester for clarifying what being static means for you against being on the move. I've been reading some of your other readers comments, and I was quite shocked to learn you've had trolls? On your blog. I wonder how on earth they find your blog. Warm regards from Australia.

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