Wednesday, 19 May 2021


This morning Beano was very reluctant to get out of bed and when I took him out for his first walk of the day, we set of in the same direction we had taken to collect the car yesterday.

Beano turned to me with such a look on his face, ears flat, I knew he was thinking Bloody Hell, not again.

So I turned and walked in the other direction, he still didn't want to go far but at least he didn't look so horrified.

Beano has met another boat dog called Doris, she's quite big but Beano was ok and of course we are moored near our friends so we see Daisy lots too.

I had a run in with a dog walker yesterday, they have a very large black dog, probably a cross breed. It was running along jumping on other dogs and people.

He jumped on Daisy and made her yelp twice and Daisy likes other dogs. Daisy's owner complained but the owners explained that their dog doesn't need to be on a lead as he's only playing!

I knew exactly what Beano's reaction would be if the dog jumped on him so as the tow path is quite narrow I picked him up, whereupon the dog launched himself at me in an attempt to reach Beano. Fortunately I was prepared and brought my knee up into the dogs chest which it didn't like. It was a minor miracle that we didn't all end up in the cut.

The owners were not pleased by my reaction, they were worried that I may have hurt their dog. I probably did hurt the dog but not enough to injure it. I suggested that it should be on a lead but they disagreed. So I suggested they keep the fecking dog away from me or I'd continue to knee it in the chest every time it jumps at me.


Debby said...

If there is a leash law, it is not optional. The owner does not get to decide whether or not the law applies to them. People like that make me irritable.

Siebrie said...

If the dog does not get taught by its owners, it will get its lessons elsewhere. Do you think they will pay if your coat has to go to the drycleaners after their dog has jumped on it with muddy paws?

Concept Capital Group said...

Love your posts. Thanks for sharing!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Good for you. Continue in the same vein.

lindsey said...

What a good way to deal with the dog. You did the right thing. I love your way with dealing with the problems that life sends your wat 👏. Those owners are completely irresponsible.

Chris said...

The owners should have been apologizing to you, not going on the defensive, How ignorant!


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