Saturday, 18 November 2017

Ch ch changes

My beloveds shifts are a complete mystery to me, I know the theory behind them. There are four members of staff, three of them work a three shift system of Earlies, Days & Lates, with the person on the day shift working on Saturday and not working on the Monday that week. The 4th member has different duties and is supposed to provide holiday and illness cover for the other three.

All this is complicated by the times for the late shift changing throughout the week, the finish time varies from 8pm to 10pm depending on outside booking and inschool events, the start time obviously varies to accommodate the finishing times.

Further problems arise as there are certain weekly duties that need all three of the team to attend. For example the weekly fire alarm test, this requires 2 people to be in each of three places so requires 6 people!

There are always moans from those higher up the food chain about the amount of overtime paid to the premises team and announcement made that 'steps will be taken to reduce the overtime bill'.

The latest idea is they should work until midnight and therefore start later, as you can imagine that idea in extremely unpopular.


Frugal in Essex said...

Its always people that don't do the job seem to think they can solve the problems. I was a shift worker most of my adult life including nights and changing shift patterns was our biggest problem.

Hard up Hester said...

Yes, they never consult the people doing the job do they, it seems to be one random idea after another.


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