Thursday, 16 November 2017

Oh the joys of a peaceful retirement

I was awake at 4:30 so I wrote some emails regarding the engine on our boat. It's a Volkswagen so we have trouble tracking down parts for it.
I got out of bed at 5, made porridge and a cuppa for both of us,  made a lunch up for hubby and then took him to work for 6:30.

I put fuel in the car and bought some breakfast stuff for dgd who is staying tomorrow night.

I got back to the boat by 7:30, emptied the ash pan, set the washing machine going, topped up the fire and then filled the coal bucket.

I then went and cleaned a boat on a nearby jetty, including the windows inside and out.

I came home had a cuppa and set off to pay the fees for a club I've joined, that took a couple of hours including driving time.

The I answered more emails and then did another boat clean, I finished the 2nd boat clean by 2:15, by then it was time to collect my beloved from work.

Got back to the boat at 3:30 only to find 3 bonfires burning with smoke and ash blowing everywhere, the freshly washed windows are now filthy and I'll have to clean them again tomorrow.

There is a meat pie made by my lovely son in law cooking, mash and peas will be served with it, as soon as we've eaten and cleared away I shall set off to DD2's to babysit!!


justjill said...

No warnings given that when you retire you are busier than ever. Make sure you have me time booked, otherwise you are doomed!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

That sounds quite like the days I am having at the moment and I am 85!

markdebby said...

Where is the boredom you were expecting with retirement? I expect you now wonder how you would have time to go out to work now lol

Chris said...

Do tell about the club you have joined! I belong to several that require a membership fee but have found free fitness classes for Seniors so don't have to pay a gym membership.

Anonymous said...

See we told you that you'd soon wonder how you had time to hold down job!

Col said...

Do you remember worrying about what you'd do with all that 'spare time'?

Frugal in Essex said...

There is never a dull moment being retired.


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