Thursday, 26 November 2020

Defrosting the freezer

That was this morning job, obviously I did it all wrong!

The correct way includes tearing a strip off your shirt and knotting it around your forehead and painting green stripes across your cheekbones (anyone else seen Rambo?) Then the sofa and bar stools all need to be thrown into the bank and the carpet rolled up and removed also. Then commences a couple of hours of hacking, swearing and screaming when the hacking hits fingers rather than ice.

My way is different, I unplug the freezer and take the drawers out, I fill two containers with hot water, place them in the freezer along with a small towel in the bottom of the freezer, another one in the floor in front of it and close the door. I empty the contents of the drawers, wipe the drawers over, list the contents in my notebook and then refill the drawers. I then make a cup of tea. Once the tea is drunk I remove the containers of now cold water and the towel, wipe the inside and outside of the freezer and replace the drawers.

My freezer is very small and not frost free.

So what is in my freezer?

Gammon steak x 2

Hot and spicy chicken wings 1 pack

Burgers x 2

Hotdogs 1 pack

Sausages 1 pack

Pork chops x 3

Chicken breast x 3

Minced beef x 3

Steak x 3

Sea bass x 3

Fish fingers 1 pack

Naan bread x 4





Injury peas (frozen peas not to be eaten but to apply to an injury) I pinched this phrase from someone else.


My Piece of Earth said...

Ha Ha you still have a sense of humor, good for you doing it YOUR way. We have that job to do also, but going to wait until it is freezing cold outside so we can put the food out there, while we defrost it.
Rain today, all of our five inches of weekend snow as gone.

Rambler said...

I don't think 'putting food outside' would be a good idea when living on a boat. Local dogs and maybe passers-by would have it away before the ice had melted.
Can I assume that Steve did the first method of de-frosting the freezer?

Bettina Groh said...

That's how I used to do it in the days before self-defrosting freezers!! Must admit that the self-defrosting was a BIG improvement!! LOL

Hard up Hester said...

I stacked my freezer drawers in the kitchen it was no warmer than outside.
Yep Steve does a Rambo impression whatever job he undertakes, if I ask him to carve the Sunday joint the kitchen has to be emptied before he starts.

Angela said...

I bought a circular pink ice pack in the poundshop. It's about 4"across with a Disney Sleeping Beauty on it. I think it is intended for a Kid's lunchbox. But it's ideal for small injuries or insect bites. I hurry the defrosting along with my hairdryer

Margie from Toronto said...

I thank God for frost free freezers - I remember having to defrost years ago and yes, there was usually a bit of hacking - plus I also used Angela's method of using the hairdryer - it's a wonder I did' electrocute myself!

Hard up Hester said...

I've had first free freezers but they never were actually first free so I decided to get my cheap freezer.

I don't own a hairdryer so that's not an option.

TrishWish said...

My tip is put the hot water in a saucepan and move around to the thick bits!

Hard up Hester said...

That's a good tip Trish

Bloody cheek.

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