Wednesday, 25 November 2020


I have some led candles on my altar as I won't have real ones, I consider them too much of a fire risk. I'm dangerous enough at the gas hob with my layers of scarves without adding extra naked flames to the mix.

I used to have glass vases with fairy light in but there are no flat surfaces on the boat so I got rid of the vases and the lights.

There were butterfly fairy lights on the old boat but Steve didn't like them so I gave them to one of the dgd's

Next year's calender arrived today, paintings done by Dru Marland of life in the West end of the K & A. My delivery of felt and buttons has also arrived so some crafting lies ahead.

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JanF said...

I think you are very wise to keep real candles off the boat. We use them only at dinner time and extinguish them the moment we leave the table. It only takes one tiny accident...
You will have plenty to do with your nice new crafting supplies!

Its lovely here

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