Sunday, 8 November 2020

Towpath conversation

Thank you, there is a park near where dd1 lives I may suggest meeting there when my hearing aid finally arrives.

I was walking Beano this afternoon, as we are now in lockdown again there were a lot of people walking and riding bikes along the towpath.

One guy was wobbling badly as he past by and I noticed he was sat on his bike strangely. Instead of sitting on the bike saddle he had the top of his leg on the saddle.

His was with another cyclist who may have been his wife.

She "Sit on the bike straight"

 He "I can't the saddle keeps disappearing up the crack of my arse"

She "If you didn't have such a fat arse  the saddle wouldn't get lost"

He "Oh fcuk off"

I couldn't help but laugh, the whole conversation was said with such good humour.


Witch Hazel said...

Thank you for the giggle. (Apologies if this is the second time I've thanked you)

justjill said...

Hilarious! Bet you hear some !

mamasmercantile said...


Chris said...

Poor guy! That must have been uncomfortable.


Ang, I read that Richard E Grant interview about a pocketful of happiness. Flis, I'm usually smiling when I walk Beano as I enjoy it so ...