Thursday 5 November 2020

Technology, trials and tribulations thereof

But first, on the subject of feeding children, someone has complained about people who have big cars and gadgets for their kids and yet still use a food bank.

Again, I don't care, just feed the bloody kids.

If someone is made redundant or loses their job for whatever reason this doesn't mean that all their bills are suddenly stopped. If they have sky tv, a mobile phone or whatever they are still under contract, the bills still have to be paid. Even if these payments are putting them in debt they still have to be paid.  Bank accounts can be frozen leaving people with no access to money. I'll say it again, just feed the poor bloody kids.

And on to the title of this post, the motor is buggered on our satellite dish so we can't watch tv. The system is 11 years old and will cost at least £1000 to replace, I don't watch enough tv to make it worth paying that. A friend of Steve's tried to get our fire stick working but with limited success as the subtitles don't show up. So Steve bought some headphones and whilst trying to connect them (with the handle of a wooden spoon, don't ask) disconnected the DVD player! 

Never mind, I have unlimited data on my phone so  I can watch tv via the phone. Only no, I can't, as my phone is showing Emergency Calls Only. We seem to be in a black hole signal wise.

I was invited to a zoom catch up but was unable to join in because I had no signal, I was also asked if I would be interviewed about living on a boat but again I couldn't participate.

I am still waiting for my hearing aid to be repaired, but even if it turns up now I cannot collect it because of lockdown.

I shall post this blog and it will hopefully upload when I drive to the chemist tomorrow.


Eileen T said...

Would collecting your repaired hearing aid be classed as a medical need, and so permitted under the lockdown rules?

justjill said...

Could you get the hearing aid posted to daughter? All my bits and pieces re hearing aid are posted now. I could collect batteries before but not now so they post them.

Catsngrams said...

Mr and I do not listen to TV as much. We get on our computers for everything. Hope you can get your system back on soon. We are not in lockdown here but we should be. No one likes to stay home. We are expecting snow this weekend so maybe that will help. Stay safe and God bless.


Carole said...

About your feed the kids comment, I have a different point of view due to experience. Feeding our children has always been a priority, having the latest gadgets or sky television isn't. When out of work (we both worked for the same company) what did our family do? We stopped our contracts with sky and everything else, no they don't still have to be paid, if there isn't enough money coming in to pay the bills the contract is stopped and that's it.
We sold everything we could, including our car. We fed our kids without asking for hand outs or going to food banks. Meals were no longer takeaways whenever we fancied one or because we were too lazy to cook, I cooked good wholesome meals from scratch, no junk food. Sure the kids grumbled about the downturn at first then frugal living kicked in and we all became fitter, healthier and happier, we walked instead of getting in the car for the smallest of journeys, we enjoyed being together and playing games instead of each person being glued to a gadget. We lived well. A few years on and we're working again, we have a computer in the house that's shared, we didn't get Sky again even when we could afford it. A unanimous family vote said it wasn't needed or wanted.
There was no way I could be seen driving around in a big car and watching Sky television etc if I wasn't feeding my own children. Parents today think they can have it all and be entitled to more for nothing. They have no shame. Because it's all handed to them on a plate their own children will grow up expecting (and getting) the same and the same cycle will continue.

Chris said...

Ooh, that's a bit of a rant, Carol. And I didn't like Anonymous's comment either. Haven't you heard "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"! Sorry, I have just had a couple of drinks and feel like venting. Feel free to delete my post, Hester!

Anonymous said...

I must admit I agree with Carols post, it is a must have generation now rather than a make do, of course feeding the kids is a priority, isn’t that what the family allowance is for,unless you are one of the privileged few, we alll have been on our uppers at some stage of life, you reduce your spending and do the best that you can, after all what did the families of the past and not so distant past do? No food banks or handouts for them, the kids still thrived and were adaptable to the way of life:

Carol said...

Chris - thank you for your reply to my comment. However I don't view it as a "rant" when it is about our experience as a family when we both lost our jobs due to no fault of our own. I merely pointed out that feeding your children can be done without being dependant on hand outs if you cut down your outgoings and downsize your belongings.
If you wish to see it as a "rant" then of course that's your view but perhaps your "couple of drinks" clouded your judgement somewhat!
I assume that Hester found the comment acceptable as she let the comment remain. Thank you Hester.

Sarah Angell said...

But the point is, the children are not being fed. It doesn’t matter how much or little money people have, the priority is to feed a child, if for whatever reason the parent is not doing this, then society must pick up the tab, cannot you see that Carol? Sarah Angell.

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