Sunday, 20 December 2020


Beano was given a shower yesterday and sulked for the rest of the day, he is less itchy and more comfortable now.

We've had emails from the marina and notifications from CRT regarding the rules for tier four, most of these we will ignore because they don't apply to us. I don't mean we will break the rules but instructions on how far we can move, and using canalside facilities don't apply as we are not moving.

We've had a lot more rain, parts of the canal are red boarded so no movement is allowed. Or if you do decide to move, your insurance is invalid.

Another day here of nothing but housework and dog walks. Roast lamb will be cooked, Steve bought a leg, I may try to bone it as it makes it easier to carve. Once it's cooked and carved I shall freeze some, a leg is far too big for our needs


busybusybeejay said...

If we have a lamb joint we have a roast dinner and then the following day I chop the remaining meat off the bone boil an onion and some peas and put it all into a white sauce and serve it with mashed potatoes.It is one our favourite meals.

Ellen D. said...

Roast leg of lamb was one of my Mom's favorite meals and my brother and his wife would cook one every year for her birthday. So delicious!

JanF said...

I can't think of anything better than roast lamb as a celebration meal!

saraband said...

When I was at secretarial college in London Mum would make me cold roast lamb & mint sauce sandwiches for my lunch on Mondays, and I'd sit in Russell Square Gardens to eat them.


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