Saturday, 12 December 2020

Not all at once

The immersion heater heats the water.

Carruthers, our system doesn't work that way.

We run a fridge freezer so when calculating what we can use on the boat this has to be taken into consideration.

If I'm buying something it must be under a kilowatt.

A quick wander around any electrical store will soon show you that many kettles, toasters and hair dryers are out of this range along with many other appliances.

I could run a slow cooker but there is no point as anything that needs long slow cooking sits on top of the fire.

We don't have an electric kettle, toaster or iron, my only kitchen appliance is a stick blender.

If I'm heating water for a shower or washing up I can't run the vacuum. If the washing machine is on I can't have a heater running. I can run one thing at a time, not all at once.


crafty cat corner said...

I follow a van dweller on youtube who lives in Canada. He has his van fitted out with pretty much everything he needs, but like you he has to watch things carefully.

mamasmercantile said...

My goodness, I hadn't realised that there were so many things to think about living on a boat.

Carruthers said...

Oh well, it was just a thought - charge batteries at night that supplement power by day, spreading daytime consumption over 24 hours. Don't some boats have wind generators? I don't suppose they generate much.

Catsngrams said...

You are a pioneer woman at heart. I could not do it. I am too used to my appliances.


Debby said...

LOL. You are very patient. Thank you for that!

Anonymous said...

sounds like your all sorted just thought id mention slow cookers can do jacket potswhich might be of use to you


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