Thursday, 24 December 2020

Making something from nothing.

Over the last year I have received items prettily packaged in coloured tissue paper and chiffon bags. I've saved all these and used them to make the granddaughters Christmas gifts look more expensive than they actually were.

I bought some pretty hair slides with unicorns on and some with shiny frills  and pastel pompous on.
I kept the little toiletries from when we stayed in an apartment whilst having the boat blacked.
I made a few small crochet items and some felt decorations.
I saved some bangles from the bag of broken jewellery I bought from the charity shop.

Each item was wrapped in pink, lilac and peach tissue paper and then in a aww chiffon bag. Each bag had a small sweet in it as well.

I hope the girls enjoy opening their gifts.

Each child was also given some cash but I thought some little gifts would be enjoyed too.


Dc said...

Great idea. More of us should do it.

Margie from Toronto said...

How wonderful - I'm sure the girls will be thrilled with such lovely looking gifts. You are a very thoughtful grandmother!
Have a very Happy Christmas.

Lynda said...

You’re the best! The packaging is every bit as important as the gifts. And I find that children are very happy with small things....I got a bag of small toys at the charity shop for my grandson for Christmas...he LOVED it.

Ellen D. said...

Good idea! I am sure they will love all of the little treasures!
Merry Christmas!

Chris said...

Sounds perfectly lovely and the sort of thing I used to do.. hope all the covid avoids you.
Happy and Blessed Christmas to you and yours. I still enjoy reading your blog in this new life you have afloat and admire your agility hopping off and on. Stay safe

JanF said...

It's amazing what nice little treasures you can find for gifts in the Dollar Store. As you say, wrap 'em up pretty and they take on an entirely new, really good look.

Kim said...

Calling it up cycling makes it seem all fancy and new, but we older folks have been making do and reusing much of our lives. I’m not so far removed from tough times, and my parents were youngsters during the Depression. It’s a concept I love! I’m sure your grands will too!


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